Wedding Venue Choices And Planning

Choosing a wedding venue is an important step in the wedding planning process, and it can be a difficult decision for couples to make. However, if all factors are accounted for and certain logistics are considered, then choosing a wedding venue can be a simple and straightforward process that delivers dream results.

The first step to consider when choosing a wedding venue is its capacity. This is important, as the number of guests a venue can occupy is crucial in orchestrating the perfect wedding. You should ensure that the venue can house slightly more than the number of guests than you intend to invite, as this will allow sufficient room for movement and dancing. Venues range in sizes, and when choosing a venue, if the capacity of your ideal location is slightly smaller than you had hoped- it may be worth enquiring whether a marquee could be added to add extra, necessary space.

wedding venueWhen choosing a wedding venue, it is also important to determine whether the decor of the venue is suited to your wedding theme, and what restrictions are in place that could prevent you from decorating the venue to fit your given theme. Certain venues prohibit decorating tables and chairs, especially if they are included in the hire price, so checking venue policies is important when choosing a wedding venue.

Aside from different availabilities, venues also tend to offer different packages. Some venues offer full, comprehensive hire services that include furniture, entertainment and catering. Other venues, however, only offer the venue itself- and all other details must be taken care of by the customer. When booking a venue package, you should consider your time and budget restraints. A full-service package is a more viable option for couples with less time and resources, who plan to spend the entirety of their wedding in one given venue. However, for couples who have specific ideas in mind and more time to realize them, and then a non-full service option would be more suitable.

When choosing a venue, you should also consider whether you intend to use multiple venues or just one. Most wedding venues offer ceremony rooms and reception halls, allowing you to combine both aspects of your wedding into one practical venue. However, if you plan to hold a religious ceremony, or have other legal requirements that cannot be met by certain venues- then it’s important that you check this prior to choosing your wedding venue. Also, if you are considering holding your ceremony in a separate venue for your reception, you should also consider the distances between venues and the logistics of transporting guests.