Why Is Back Pain So Common

The back of a human being is said to be complex. Its a structure which is made of joints, bones, nerves and muscles. The central feature of it is said to be the vertebral column that houses the spinal chord situated in spinal canal. Back pain is mostly caused by muscle strain. It can be triggered by everyday activities or can develop gradually over time as a result of prolonged sitting or standing badly. Back pain is prevalent because of problems such as injuries. Spine injuries such as fractures or sprains can cause chronic back pains. A sprain is a tear in the ligaments that support the spine and can occur from twisting improperly. Injuries such as falls and accidents may also cause back pains.

dancing injuryMechanical problems of the spine are also a common cause of back pain. They result due to movement of the spine in certain ways. They mostly cause a back pain condition is known as inter-vertebral disc degeneration. This actually entails discs that are located in between the vertebrae of spine breaking down as a result of aging. It leads to pain if the back is stressed. Wearing out of facet joints, which connect each vertebral disc to another, is also a common cause of back pain. Most people also spend an average of nine hours seated watching television. As there is no exercise, pressure is increased on the discs and the vertebrae. This increases the pressure on the back muscles, creating pain. According to a chiropractor in Rockville MD, People also sleep on their stomachs increasing pressure on joints and muscles. Sleeping on the back however keeps the spine elongated and neutral. People are engaged in risk factors daily that are a potential cause of back pains e.g. overweight people weigh too much and this puts extra pressure on the spine resulting to back pains. Pregnant mothers also carry extra weight, which causes additional strain to the back. Stress is also thought to cause tension in the back muscles, which can result into pain.

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There are clear health warnings about common activities, which cause back pain. However, people continually ignore warnings not to do things such as; bend awkwardly for long periods, slouch in chairs, twisting, overstretching, driving for long periods without a break, overuse of muscles especially in sports (it causes repetitive strain injuries) and lifting or carrying things inappropriately. The continuous doing of these things makes back pain prevalent. The other reason back pain continues to be so common is that most people do not exercise. This makes the muscles stiff and they are susceptible to back pain attacks. Most people also ignore telltale signs that the body is not well fit such as strained muscles and this leads to pains later. To combat back pains exercising regularly, laser therapy for back pain, and sticking to the regimen advised by the physician makes a good start.  To learn more about relieving back pain, you can visit Prohealth Chiropractic, Wikipedia, or other relevant online material. online