Will Hair Restoration Cause Scarring?

In the last few years there are many techniques for hair restoration. These procedures are not so expensive any more, and practically everyone can afford it. The fact that you are loosing your hair is pretty frustrating and you want to find the best possible solution for this kind of problem.

When it comes to hair restoration procedures, any person who needs it has a lot of questions. Any question you have about hair restoration can be answered differently, because not every procedure is the same.

healthy hair transplantYou have to make sure to see all the possibilities you have when it comes to hair transplantation, and to choose the one that suits you in the best possible way. You do not have to push your self, and give your self some time to make a right decision. Also, take some time to consider the options, prices, methods, and after all that you will finally be able to decide what would be the best possible solution to you.

According to Anagen Hair Restoration, there are three most popular techniques when it comes to hair restoration: Follicular unit transplantation procedure also known as FUT, Follicular unit extraction also known as FUE and Direct hair implantation also known as DHI method.

When it comes to scars, not every technique is capable to leave you without scars.

Follicular unit transplantation procedure is invasive surgical procedure. In this case, the doctor who will perform transplantation will have to remove the strip of scalp. That will for sure make a scar on the patient’s head. This can be camouflaged with long hair styles and haircuts.

With other two procedures, direct hair implantation and Follicular unit extraction you will have no scars, because these procedures are done in a completely different way. They are also painless, and the recovery process is painless.

As you can see, the answer can be different from procedure to procedure. You have to consult the doctors in hair restoration center, and ask them and the staff, everything you want to know. You write your questions down, and feel free to ask. They are professionals that will make sure that you get all the possible information, care and service.

When it comes to your hair, you want the best possible results. With these techniques you will have hair again, but the most important thing is that you will feel like it is your own hair. It will look so natural.

Times have changed so these procedures are now pretty much affordable to any of us. We can visit some of the hair restoration centers, see the prices, consult with the staff around, and all that will help us to be one step closer to our final goal, and that is hair restoration. Also, you should not be scared a bit, because these procedures are painless, and very fast. You will be able to go home the same day. When it’s all done, you will be admiring your new and completely natural look with a scarless hair restoration procedure.